Natural Elk Meat – The delicious, nutritious alternative!

Canadians everywhere are turning on to farm-raised elk meat, the delicious, low fat alternative to beef, lamb or poultry. Elk tastes like mild beef, with a very faint venison flavor. The kids will love its delicious flavor so much they won’t even mind that it’s good for them.

Elk contains much less cholesterol than other meats. The animals are not treated with growth hormones or chemicals.

Natural Elk Ranch elk meat is:

  • high in protein, iron and B vitamins
  • leaner than beef
  • leaner than pork tenderloin or chicken breast (with skin)
  • raised on natural feed – no antibiotics, growth stimulants, hormones or steroids

We take great care to ensure our elk meat is of the highest quality; we follow the standards set by the Canadian Food Inspection Agency (CFIA), and submit to regular CFIA inspection. We are also bound by federal and provincial regulations (Health Canada, Alberta Government).

Strict legislation gives consumers confidence that all elk meat is federally or provincially inspected before it is offered for sale. These inspections ensure that all elk meat comes from healthy, well cared for animals.

We are proud of our industry and our products; they meet the highest standards set for any livestock industry.